Neil Robertson's Résumé

Mainframe software designer/developer and project manager with over three decades of experience designing and implementing ERP software for Fortune 500 scale corporations. I am particularly skilled in the space where business professionals, application developers, DBA’s, and Systems Programmers intersect. I have had quite a varied career in IT, including roles as a:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Course Developer
  • Instructor
  • Software Development Manager
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Systems Programmer
  • Customer Support Analyst
  • Technical Writer
Software companies have employed me for most of my professional life, with half of that time being in a customer-facing role. Despite that, I am open to opportunities from any company – software, consulting, or even a “real” company using IT for business purposes.

Having worked as a Consultant for over a decade, I have an ability to acquire new skills and knowledge rapidly. My passions are building things and solving problems, both of which have been satisfied in my career in IT so far. I can bring that passion to an organization in a number of ways, but first my current status:

Current Status (as of 7/2016)

I have just completed 5 years as a programmer/analyst with Liberty Mutual and am ready for my next opportunity.

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, I use my passions to drive a project to completion. If you click here you can see my full resume, oriented towards my Project Management experiences. My Project Management experiences include:

Business Analyst

As a Busines Analyst, I use my passions to solve the business problems presented to me. If you click here you can see my full resume, oriented towards my Business Analysis experiences. My Business Analysis experiences include:

Mainframe Developer

As a Mainframe Developer (Programmer/Analyst), I get real pleasure from providing business users with an automated solution to their business problems. My experiences are primarily IBM based, programming in COBOL, Assembler and REXX on z/OS and earlier mainframes running CICS, DB2, and VSAM.  Additional skills include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Please click here for my Mainframe Developer resume.

Walker Consultant

I have been working with the Walker software for over three decades and am very knowledgeable about both the business aspects (functionality), and technical aspects (internals, TP monitor and Database interfaces, installation, and programming with both the Walker tool set and in Cobol or Assembler) of the Walker software. Note that through name change and acquisition, Walker can also be referred to as Elevon, SSA, or Infor.

Unfortunately there isn't much call for Walker consultants nowadays, but if you have the Walker software - I am here to help you.

Contact Info

I live in El Cerrito, California.

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